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Project Overview

The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District’s Pumping Station 17 helps convey sanitary waste from the City of Verona and City of Madison to the Nine Springs Treatment Plant in a pressurized sewer known as a force main. This force main was constructed in 1995.

Due to historical and projected growth in these areas and the fact that local pumping stations will soon reach their capacity, a second force main – known as a relief force main – is being constructed. The first phase of the force main relief project was completed in 2021. The second phase will complete the relief force main. Once complete, this relief force main will increase capacity to provide safe and reliable conveyance of wastewater while protecting public health and the environment.

What is a relief force main?   

A force main is a pressurized sanitary sewer that transports flow from lower to higher elevations. Force mains allow sanitary waste to travel over challenging topography such as hills and ridges to then flow by gravity. Force mains are connected to a pumping station, which supplies the initial energy.

The word “relief” means it is the second sewer of its kind along a stretch. Having a relief line conveys additional flows needed and provides system redundancy.

How will impacts to areas of concern (trees, wetlands, archeological etc.) be considered in the design?  

During early design, a desktop analysis was performed using available tree, wetland, and archeological data to identify and help avoid areas of concern. Surveys of the route are nearing completion to inform route refinement to help avoid sensitive areas. These include a professional boundary survey, a tree survey, a wetland delineation, soil borings, and an archeological review. An ecological survey is in progress. The data gathered from these surveys informed route refinement to help avoid sensitive areas. The project team will share final anticipated environmental impacts at the third public information meeting. A map communicating tree impacts will also be publicly available on this webpage.   

Additionally, the project team is using the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s ENVISION process as a guideline during the design process. This infrastructure-based rating system includes credits that focus on preserving, protecting, and enhancing the natural world.

Selected Route

The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District has selected and finalized the route for the Pump Station 17 Rehabilitation & Force Main Relief Phase 2 project. The project design team selected the route after gaining input at the February 23, 2022 meeting, reviewing public feedback, consulting with stakeholder groups, and weighing considerations. The route was refined and finalized by completing additional coordination with landowners, conducting follow-up site-visits, and making modifications from the ecological, wetland, and tree surveys. View a map of the final sewer alignment.

Public Involvement

The District will hold four public information meetings for this project.

  • Meeting #1: Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. 
  • Meeting #2: Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
    • YouTube live stream link
    • The District conducted an online public survey from August 24th through September 7th on potential improvements for the project corridor. A total of 11 potential improvements were presented for public input, including options for the paved path and Ice Age Trail realignment. This synopsis letter shares the results of the survey, documents potential improvements with considered paved path/Ice Age Trail options, and presents next steps.
    • Meeting minutes

  • Meeting #3: Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
    • The intent of this meeting is to present the construction corridor and site impacts. In-progress restoration and detour plans will be shared for public comment.
    • Link to Zoom meeting registration
  • Meeting #4: Summer 2023, TBD
    • The intent of this meeting is to present the final design and restoration plans, tentative construction schedule, and provide resources for the public during construction.

Postcards with information about the project meetings will be sent to residents within 400 feet of the project area.

Project details

Project Type:

Construction, Sewer Relief


This phase of the Pumping Station 17 Force Main Relief will continue north of Arbor Vitae Place and run east to the Goose Lake area.




Design: November 2021-April 2023

Bid: May 2023 

Construction: Summer/Fall 2023 - Summer 2025


Design Phase

Project Contact:

Rachel Feil

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