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Resources for the District’s industrial users

Industries often use a large amount of water and chemicals in their manufacturing processes and other operations. In addition, some industries use or produce highly specialized and potentially hazardous substances by their nature. Accordingly, there are industry-specific recommendations and requirements to minimize pollutants going into wastewater and the sewer system.

The District offers the following resources for industrial users.

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Pretreatment program & permits

Our pretreatment and permitting program is a key resource in safeguarding the integrity of local wastewater. The District issues permits to specific types of industries to minimize pollution, inspects facilities, performs sampling, and provides other services to dischargers of non-standard and potentially dangerous wastes.

Industrial Pollution Prevention

Prevent pollution in your business

Regardless of whether your facility requires a permit, learn about the actions your business can take to help minimize pollution at your facility and protect water quality.

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Learn about PFAS For Industry

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, is an emerging contaminant of concern and additional regulations are expected in coming years. Learn how businesses and industrial facilities can take early steps to identify and reduce the use of PFAS.

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Sewer Use Ordinance

Industrial users can review the District’s Sewer Use Ordinance, which governs what can and cannot be discharged into our sewer system, as well as allowable amounts of various pollutants. Chapters 5, 6 and 7 are particularly relevant to industrial facilities. Section 5.2.3 includes specific limits for various pollutants that apply to all industrial users, permitted or not.