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Connecting to our collection system

All projects in the District’s service area that install or modify publicly owned sanitary sewers must be approved by our Commission and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Applicants should submit the required materials for sanitary sewer extensions to the District, which will then be forwarded to WDNR upon Commission approval.

New sewer installations

Any project that includes a new publicly owned sanitary sewer must be reviewed by the District and WDNR.

To have a sanitary sewer extensions project approved by the District and WDNR, a full submittal must be received a minimum of 14 calendar days in advance of a District Commission meeting; find the Commission calendar here. Upon approval by the Commission, the District will forward the project to WDNR for final approval. Do not send projects directly to WDNR for approval.

Developers and municipalities should review the list of items required for approval of a sanitary sewer extension before submission. District staff will determine if the materials submitted are complete. Incomplete submittals will cause delays in the approval process. Find our plan submittal administrative guidance here, which includes submittal deadlines and how incomplete submittals are handled.

A plan review fee is charged to owner communities for projects that install publicly owned sewers serving new users.

Sewer rehabilitation or replacement projects

If a sewer is being repaired or replaced at the same location, and with the same pipe size and slope, the project is considered a “maintenance project” and plans do not need to be submitted to the District or WDNR.

However, if a project will be financed through the Clean Water Fund Program, the District and WDNR must review the plans. Plan review fees are not charged for the review of reconstruction projects that are not adding new customers or changing the sewer service area.


Redevelopments are also reviewed by District staff. While these projects often do not install any new sanitary sewers, they may impact the sanitary sewer system and trigger the collection of a redevelopment charge.

Sanitary sewer extension charges

The District charges fees to review plans and to connect to the collection system. These charges are approved by the Commission and are updated annually.

Type2024 Fee

Plan review fee per sewer extension plan serving a new area


Collection system modification fee per connection