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This is work worth doing

Purchasing and inventory employees working at the District.

We are mission-driven, hardworking, committed and proud to have Work Worth Doing. Our responsibility doesn’t stop at the end of the work day. We are always stewards of our water because we understand that water is finite. By working at the District, we quietly do our work knowing that this really matters.

We value integrity, diversity, teamwork, creativity and balance. Just as we work to respect every drop of water, we also work to respect every employee. When each person is valued, we perform at our best and our workplace is strengthened.

Every day, people depend on us to get it right. It is our job to always look for ways to improve because our communities count on it. This is why we will not be satisfied with being average and why we will always challenge ourselves and others. This isn’t easy, but in order to provide the best possible service to our communities, we must be adaptable and embrace change. Without change, improvement is not possible.

What else is great about working at the District?

  • Casual work environment
  • High employee retention and low turnover
  • Stability … there will always be a need for our services!
  • Safety matters
  • Great people
  • We value inclusion and diversity
  • Excellent benefits
  • Opportunity and challenge
  • Collaboration … everyone has a voice
  • Flexible work arrangements, including remote work opportunities
  • We care

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What staff have to say about working at the District

“I have been with the District since 2012. One of the reasons I like working here is that it allows me to interact with a variety of skilled and professional people. The District provides a fun and challenging work environment with opportunities to work on a variety of projects. The management team is approachable, new ideas are welcomed and innovation is encouraged. It is also fulfilling working for an environmentally responsible organization that provides a positive service for the communities we serve.”


“I started at the District as an intern in the laboratory while in college. Within a few months, I knew the District was a place I wanted to have a career at. I found it incredibly rewarding that my work was ensuring public health and that the environment was cared for here in Madison. Not only did I find purpose in my job, but I also loved the people I worked with. I worked multiple summers in the District’s lab and eventually got a full-time position a few years after graduation. During my time here, I have created lasting friendships with my coworkers and seen tremendous advancement in the various initiatives throughout the District. I look forward to continuing my career at the District, working hard to continue the great legacy of those who worked before me to maintain my community.”

-Jessica McCammon, Chemist

“My first job at the District was as a seasonal well water sampler intern. I worked with many talented people and knew that this was a great organization to pursue a career in. After the internship ended, I applied for a position as a relief operator and thankfully was hired into a role that provided me an opportunity to learn and grow in the organization. After several years serving as an operator, I decided to use the District’s tuition reimbursement program to educate myself in the field of electrical and electronics technology. Eventually, I moved into a role as an apprentice electrician. There is always an opportunity to learn, and the work is rewarding. I am encouraged by the camaraderie in my workgroup, the role I play in serving the community, and the financial security provided by the overall benefits package available through the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District.”

-Tom Berg, Industrial Maintenance Electrician Apprentice