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Encouraging innovative projects to reduce salt in the sewer system

Removing chloride, a component of salt, from wastewater is costly and energy intensive. But to protect our freshwater resources, we need to reduce the amount of chloride in our water as much as possible. While the District could add expensive chloride reduction technology at the treatment plant, a more cost-effective approach is reducing the amount of chloride getting into the system in the first place. To support local salt reduction, the District offers chloride reduction grants and funding to incentivized projects that advance our chloride reduction goals.

If you have questions about these programs, would like to request an application, or need a program reporting form, contact our Pollution Prevention team.

Chloride reduction innovation grants

The goal of these grants is to incentivize innovative projects that result in changes to business practices, behaviors and norms that facilitate permanent reductions of chloride to the sewer system.

The District will consider applications as they are received, as long as District funding is available.

Salt reduction rebates for businesses

These rebates are intended for commercial, industrial or multi-unit residential facilities, and the water treatment companies working with them, to implement projects that reduce salt or chloride in their facilities by at least 100 pounds of salt per month on average. Several local businesses have taken advantage of these rebates to reduce their salt use, including a few featured in these case studies.

Rebate applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Road salt reduction grants

These grants are for winter maintenance professionals working to be leaders in water quality protection by utilizing best practices that reduce road salt use. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis each year until funds have been exhausted.