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Your partner in protecting public health and the environment

We are a passionate and experienced resource recovery team that aims to protect public health and the environment by providing safe, reliable and efficient wastewater treatment to our communities. We’re known for our innovative engineering, conservation leadership, recovery expertise and we’re cost-conscious ratepayers, just like you. It’s who we are.

At the District, our vision is to enrich life through clean water and resource recovery. Every time our essential workers clean and return wastewater back to nature or apply Metrogro to help farmers grow more food, we’re taking steps to create a cleaner and better world. We do this by not only providing critical infrastructure and public services to the communities we serve, but by providing education and doing public outreach so others can take steps to conserve our resources.

We can’t create more of it.

We have the power to enhance the quality of life on our planet together. By making small changes and respecting every drop of water we have today, we can set the tone for a resource-conscious and sustainable community tomorrow.

Established in 1930 to protect the lakes and streams of the upper Yahara watershed, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District serves about 429,000 people in 24 Madison-area customer communities covering about 188 square miles. The District owns and operates 145 miles of pipe and 18 regional pumping stations that convey approximately 37 million gallons of wastewater to the Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant daily. Organized as a municipal corporation, the District is a leader in sustainability and resource reclamation.

The District celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2020. Read more about how we became who we are on our history page.

Learn more about the District, our work, and our hardworking team of professionals.

Quick facts about Who We Are


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Our mission

Protect public health
and the environment

Our Vision

Enrich life through clean water and resource recovery

Our Ideals

Equitable, reliable and cooperative