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Providing responsible wastewater management

We are a passionate and experienced team of professionals dedicated to protecting public health and the environment through responsible wastewater collection and treatment. It’s what we do.

We’re known for our innovative engineering and program development, conservation leadership and recovery expertise. Explore the District’s key areas of work and how we responsibly manage wastewater for more than 429,000 local residents.

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Wastewater collection

Our service area’s wastewater collection system is a complex maze of pumping stations, pipes and sewer infrastructure serving residents across Dane County.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment

Every hour of every day, wastewater from homes, schools and businesses is conveyed to the District’s Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant in Madison.

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Resource recovery

Wastewater contains valuable resources that can be recovered and beneficially reused. The District is committed to resource recovery and works actively to maximize our efforts in this area.

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Pollution prevention

Our Pollution Prevention team works diligently to keep pollutants such as chloride, mercury, pharmaceuticals and others out of the wastewater system.

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Education & outreach

The District engages in education and outreach activities to tell the story of water and empower community members to protect it.


current construction projects

The District is involved in a variety of construction and sewer improvement projects around our service area.

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