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Annexation options to join to our service area

The District maintains a formal service area boundary in accordance with state statutes. To allow the District to serve new areas, the boundary may be expanded through an annexation.

A boundary annexation to the District is one contiguous parcel or area. The contiguous parcel to be annexed to the District can include several individually owned parcels or rights of way with a description meeting the standards of chapter A-E 7.04 of the Wisconsin State Legislature.

Once the District’s Commission approves an annexation, the owner community in which the annexed area lies must pay an annexation fee. This fee varies based on the type of annexation required, as detailed below.

Expedited annexations

A city, village or town sanitary district can formally request annexation of territory to the District, consistent with §200.15(1)(a)3 of the Wisconsin Statutes. These annexations are referred to as “expedited” annexations and are generally approved by a resolution of the Commission. The Commission typically acts on expedited annexations two to three weeks after the request is received.

Petitioned annexations

Annexation of territory that is not within a city, village or town sanitary district must be initiated by a petition from a municipal governing body or upon motion of the Commission, as provided in §200.15(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes. A petitioned annexation requires a Class 2 notice in the Wisconsin State Journal and a public hearing. The Commission typically acts on petitioned annexations eight to 10 weeks after a petition is submitted.

To assist in managing the annexation of territory to the District, the Commission adopted a set of guidelines for the orderly and efficient addition of territory to the District. Developers and municipalities should review these guidelines to ensure a smooth annexation process.

Annexation submittals

The District requires certain information to process annexation requests. View the general requirements for District Boundary/Expedited Annexation Submittal.

All materials must be submitted to the District a minimum of 14 days before a Commission meeting. Incomplete submittals may result in delays to the annexation approval process. Find the Commission schedule here.

The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission, or CARPC, also reviews sanitary sewer extension applications for consistency with the Dane County Water Quality Plan and can provide a review letter.

Please contact staff prior to submittal for coordination of any boundary annexation request.

Annexation fees

Annexation fees are set by the Commission and are adjusted annually.

Type2024 Fee
Annexation fee per expedited annexation area
For cities, villages and town sanitary districts (consistent with §200.15(1)(a)3)
Annexation fee per petitioned annexation area
For areas inconsistent with the expedited process, defined by §200.15(2)
where a public hearing is also required