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Encouraging free and open competition for contractors and vendors

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District maintains and owns billions of dollars worth of buildings, assets and infrastructure. To help ensure efficient, reliable maintenance of our many pipes, buildings, assets and operations, we depend on knowledgeable qualified contractors and vendors to provide a variety of critical services. Business and contracting opportunities with the District fall into the following three categories:

Engineering projects

Engineering projects, which include construction goods and services, are listed on this website and advertised in the Wisconsin State Journal. Construction projects are subject to a sealed, competitive bidding process.

Non-construction goods & services

Opportunities in this category include simple maintenance and repair of an existing facility and all other goods and services not related to construction or professional services.

Professional services

These opportunities include planning, engineering, architectural, management, legal, information technology, and similar services. A request for qualifications process may be used to prescreen applicants for professional services.

Additional project postings for business opportunities

In addition to our Contracting Center, project and bid information for District opportunities may also be posted to QuestCDN or the State of Wisconsin’s VendorNet.

  • For engineering projects anticipated to be above $100,000, the District also uses QuestCDN to manage and distribute project data. Interested bidders may download the digital plans for $30 by inputting the Quest project number stated in the project’s advertisement.
  • Project and bid information for non-construction goods and services opportunities may also be posted to the State of Wisconsin’s VendorNet.
  • Depending on the anticipated amount, project and proposal information for professional services opportunities may also be posted QuestCDN or VendorNet.

Bidder Prequalification Applications

Prime bidders must submit a Bidder’s Statement of Request for Prequalification for every project. Bidders must also submit a Statement of Qualifications, valid for the current calendar year. Both documents may be completed via PDF download below.