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Opportunities to partner with the District

There are numerous ways to partner with the District. Every year, we require millions of dollars of goods and services to collect and treat wastewater. In addition, we work closely with a variety of industries and business groups to provide services, reduce pollution, protect the safety of our wastewater and ensure smart, efficient growth of our shared wastewater collection system.

Ways to do business with us

Cranes and construction vehicles showing business opportunities and ways to do business with us.

about the district

We are an innovative and experienced resource recovery team dedicated to protecting public health and the environment.

A woman looking into a water softener showing ways service professionals do business with us.

For water softener professionals

Service professionals who work with water softeners play a crucial role in chloride reduction. Learn about softener optimization.

A septage hauler connecting a disposal hose to the truck as a way to do business with us.

For septage haulers

Information for septage haulers and RV owners on disposing waste at the District, including permit requirements, accepted wastes, prior approvals, hours and rates.

A closeup of grinding metal in an industrial facility that does business with us.

For industry

The District issues permits to specific types of industries to minimize pollution. We also inspect facilities, perform sampling and provide other services to dischargers of non-standard and potentially dangerous wastes from industrial settings.

Dental patient with dentist doing amalgam work.

For dental clinics

Dental clinics are key players in reducing the amount of mercury that gets into our wastewater via dental amalgam. Find requirements and resources for dental clinics to help reduce mercury pollution in our waters.

Aerial view of a housing development to demonstrate the annexations developers do business with us.

For developers

The District works closely with municipalities and developers to review and approve annexations and sanitary sewer extensions and to assess appropriate charges for growth and new infrastructure.

Do business with us via contracting

Business and contracting opportunities with the District fall into the following three categories: engineering projects, non-construction good and services, and professional services. Search our variety of business opportunities in our Contracting Center, or via QuestCDN or VendorNet.

All bidders must submit prequalification applications to the District.