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Through the Town of Dunn’s Salt Savers program, residents could receive a discount on assessments and improvements made to their water softener by a trained professional. If a water softener was deemed too old or inefficient by the technician, a discount on a replacement unit was available. In the Town of Dunn sanitary districts, eligible residents would receive a discount at the time of service, which was funded by the District and reimbursed to service providers by the Town of Dunn for eligible softener services completed through May 31, 2022.

The Town of Dunn pilot programs is now complete and the District is evaluating the outcomes of the pilot to determine the effectiveness of reducing salt to the sewer.


Residents were eligible for the program if all the following statements were true:

  1. You have an existing water softener in your home.
  2. You live in the Town of Dunn and are connected to the District’s sewer system through a sanitary district. Properties on septic systems were not eligible to participate. If you’re unsure of your eligibility, search for your address on this map.
  3. Your softener service was performed by a trained service provider who submitted a report documenting the service to Town of Dunn staff. Replacements or optimizations that occurred prior to the start of this program were not eligible for reimbursement.

Project period

The program launched in October 2019 and remained active and open to Town of Dunn residents for services completed through May 31, 2022.

How it worked

  1. Gather as much information as possible about the condition of your water softener, including its age and brand. It’s OK if you couldn’t find all the history or details, but having general information about your softener helped service providers determine its condition. You could also complete the home softener evaluation developed by the District to get an idea of whether your softener would qualify for an optimization or replacement.
  2. Call a trained service provider on this list to request service for your softener. You would have received an evaluation of your softener and optimization, if appropriate. These services were free to Town of Dunn residents during the pilot period. Some providers offered remote evaluations using photos or a video call; providers offering this service were indicated on the list.
  3. If your service provider determined that your current softener was inefficient and should be replaced, you would have been eligible for a $200 discount to replace your softener with a unit with an efficiency of at least 4,000 grains per pound, or another approved water treatment unit. A trained service provider must have installed the new, efficient unit and documented the installation for the discount to be applied. Your service provider would have applied the discount at the time the new unit was installed.