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Learn more about the District, its work and its people.

Water is one interconnected resource that must be managed holistically and sustainably as One Water.

Learn what it’s like to be a wastewater treatment operator at the plant and pumping stations 24/7/365.

FOGs, belong in the garbage, not down the drain. Learn how FOGs can harm your home’s plumbing and the entire wastewater treatment system.

Having an efficient water softener protects local freshwater resources and reduces the strain on your back and your pocketbook!

Properly dispose of household hazardous waste like old cleaners and chemicals, paints and stains that don’t belong down the drain or in the landfill.

Public awareness kits from our media center

Have questions about these public awareness kits or are interested in additional resources? Contact us.

These issue-specific kits include social posts, newsletter text and more. They can be used by businesses, organizations and owner communities to help share information about District programs and initiatives.


To flush or not to flush? Use these assets to help spread the word on what should and should not go down the drain.

Salt reduction

Every bag of salt put into water softeners ends up in local freshwater streams. Help protect our lakes, streams and drinking water by sharing the message of salt reduction.