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Optimize your salt use with these service providers

The service providers listed below have completed training offered by the District on salt reduction and softener efficiency. More providers may be added to this list as they complete training and become a trained softener professional.

Different providers have different specialties, so use the information in the table below to determine who to call for the appropriate service. For example, if you are looking for a softener optimization, call a service provider who indicates they perform optimizations on the brand of your softener.

Remote evaluations: It’s possible to have your softener evaluated remotely, such as through a video call, with a participating service provider. Find providers offering this service in the “Remote evaluations” column of the table.

Become a trained softener professional

Learn about water softener efficiency and complete our comprehensive program for water softener service technicians, plumbers and building inspectors to become a certified provider and get added to the list. By participating in District training and reviewing our resources, you’ll help customers cut their salt use, keep sewer bills low and protect local fresh water. Service providers may also find the District’s water softener evaluation resources to be helpful.

There are no trainings scheduled at this time. If you’re interested in attending a future training, contact our Pollution Prevention Team.

Alternatives to water softeners

Some retailers sell alternatives to traditional water softeners that don’t require salt. These salt free water conditioners prevent scale buildup by changing the properties of suspended solids in hard water, like calcium and magnesium, instead of removing the participles. Learn more about salt free water conditioners, alternate conditioning technologies and ways to reduce salt use for home water softeners from Wisconsin Salt Wise.