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Keeping salt out of our local waters, one water softener at a time

Many water softeners in the District’s service area are outdated or are not set up to run at peak efficiency. That’s a problem because all of the salt that goes into water softeners ends up at the wastewater treatment plant, and eventually in local freshwater streams. Excessive chloride, a component of salt, can threaten freshwater wildlife.

The aim of the Salt Savers pilot program is to improve water softener efficiency, with the goal of reducing chloride entering the sewer system. We do this by equipping service providers with the knowledge and resources needed to increase the efficiency of home water softeners and identify softeners that are prime candidates for replacement. To encourage homeowners to participate, the District funds discounts and rebates on services and equipment that result in reduced salt to the sewer system.

This program is in a pilot stage in three communities: the Village of McFarland, Town of Dunn sanitary districts, and the Pleasant Springs Sanitary District. Reimbursement of services is available only for jobs completed in homes connected to sanitary sewer service in these communities.

Program details

Communities involved in the pilot program were selected because they are part of a smaller, measurable area of the sewer system.

To suit a community’s needs, each Salt Saver pilot program is unique. To see program specifics and eligibility requirements, click on your community below.