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The MMSD permitting program is focused on categories of industrial users.  The EPA and DNR define the categories of users while MMSD implements the permitting and oversight of these categorical industrial users.  Common categories in the MMSD permitting program include metal finishers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, power plants and pesticide manufacturers.  To make sure industrial users comply with the requirements, MMSD inspects each facility at least once per year to review the wastewater generating operations and collects samples at least twice each year.  If violations are found, an enforcement response plan is followed. 

If you anticipate expansion, process changes or other upcoming needs, please contact our pretreatment coordinator.  Below are some additional items that we would love to assist you with.


  • Evaluating: we appreciate evaluating and reviewing product, process or wastewater discharge practices and modifications and may be able to help reduce permitting needs.   Please contact our coordinator.
  • Expanding: please use the Industrial Request to Discharge Form (IRDF) to provide your information.
  • Relocating to MMSD’s service area: please contact our coordinator.   We will help you get started toward a solution that is beneficial to you and the environment.
  • Planning for contaminated groundwater or other short-duration discharges:
    MMSD will assess your local site wastewater quality on a case-by-case basis.  We can help you with excavation water, well development and purge water.  We will not allow long-term continuous discharge to the sanitary sewer system. Please submit the completed form: District NTRDF Form writable.pdf. PLEASE NOTE: Due to high volume of requests during the construction season, please plan ahead to submit the form at least two weeks prior to the start date of the discharge.
  • On-site pretreatment system: when you propose to treat your industrial wastewater prior to discharge to the sewer, you will use DNR’s application for plans and specifications.  Please send a copy of the DNR application to MMSD as well.
  • Existing Industrial Discharge Permit holder: stay in touch with the MMSD industrial team and permitting process.

MMSD leads the permitting of significant industrial users while the community that provides the local sewer service leads the oversight and billing of the other users of the sewer system.


Important Industry News


  • Permitted industries are in their first semi-annual period of 2015.  These industries can expect to receive the annual inspection and a sampling event from MMSD.
  • The Periodic Compliance Report for the first half of 2015 is due between July 1 and July 31, 2015
  • All permitted industries will receive updates on ordinance revisions later in 2015.
  • The ordinance revisions are expected to be completed with a public hearing at a June, 2015, MMSD Commission Meeting.

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