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Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District strives to create relevant, consistent messaging and content that provides value to both current and potential followers across a variety of social media channels. Ultimately, our goal with social media outreach is to enhance awareness of who the District is and what we do for communities. We hope to foster a community of advocates by showcasing the “invisible” systems at work and how to properly care for both water and its infrastructure.

Creatively, we’re focused on featuring the collection system, pumping stations and our treatment plant through the work of our employees. We feature the essential people that make wastewater treatment, water reclamation and pollution prevention possible for our service area. And, we’re attempting to change perceptions around wastewater by sharing compelling, educational and attractive content about the art and science of wastewater treatment, sewer system infrastructure and local water systems.

We encourage public interaction, in a respectful matter, with the content we share on our social media accounts. View our Social Media Policy.

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When possible, we use the handle @madmetrosewer on our active social media channels.