If you have questions about these grants or would like assistance in completing an application, contact one of the following district staff members:

Catherine Harris
608-222-1201 ext. 115

Emily Jones
608-222-1201 ext. 203

Chloride Reduction Grant Programs

The district offers grants and rebates to incentivize projects that help advance the district's chloride reduction goals. Below are the current grants being offered by the district, as well as descriptions of each program.

Chloride Reduction Innovation Grants

These grants are intended to encourage innovative projects that will facilitate permanent reductions of chloride (salt) to the sewer system. The goal of these grants is to incentivize changes to business practices, behaviors, and norms that will result in reduced chloride contributions to the sewer. 

Grant overview and application

Application deadline: end of day November 17, 2017. However, after this initial round of review, the district will continue to accept and evaluate applications as long as funding is available up to Dec. 31, 2017.

Road Salt Reduction Grants

These grants are intended for winter maintenance professionals working to be leaders in water quality protection through use of best practices to reduce road salt use. *Note* First read of applications postponed to 11/13 (as of 10/11/2017)

RFP, Application & Report Form (doc)
RFP, Application & Report Form (pdf)
Upcoming Training Opportunities 

Application deadline: end of day November 13, 2017

Salt Reduction Rebates -- Commercial/Industrial Facilities 

These rebates are intended for commercial/industrial facilities and water treatment companies working with them to implement projects that reduce salt or chloride in their facilities.  

1. Overview
2. Application
3. Report Forms

July 6, 2017 News Release
Announcement - 2017 Rebates and Training