Emergency Contacts

Calls are answered
24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Phone : (608) 222-1201
Fax : (608) 299-2129

Address & Hours

1610 Moorland Rd
Madison, WI 53713

Business Hours
7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Monday Thru Friday
Except Holidays

District Directors
Contact Us
Name Responsibilities Ext Email 
Bill Walker Director of Planning and Strategy 371 williamw@madsewer.org
Bruce Borelli Director of Engineering 206 bruceb@madsewer.org
Curt Sauser Sewer Connections & Extensions 269 curts@madsewer.org
Dave Taylor Director of Ecosystem Services 276 davet@madsewer.org
Emily Jones Tours/Pollution Prevention Specialist 203 emilyj@madsewer.org
Janelle Werner Executive Coordinator & Webmaster 262 janellew@madsewer.org
Jeff Brochtrup Asst. CED & Director of Administration  268 jeffb@madsewer.org
Jennifer Peters Human Resources Manager 266 jenniferp@madsewer.org
Jennifer Sereno Communications Manager 125 Jennifer.Sereno@madsewer.org
Kathy Lake Environmental Specialist 278 kathyl@madsewer.org
Laurie Dunn Information Systems Manager 222 lauried@madsewer.org
Marcus Canty Health and Safety Specialist 307 marcusc@madsewer.org
Michael Mucha Chief Engineer & Director (CED) 242 michaelm@madsewer.org
Kim Meyer Biosolids and Land Application 256 kimm@madsewer.org
Paul Nehm Director of Operations & Maintenance 252      pauln@madsewer.org
Ralph Erickson Pretreatment & Waste Acceptance 362 ralphe@madsewer.org
Ray Schneider Collection System Supervisor 259       rays@madsewer.org
Rhonda Riedner Laboratory Manager 218 rhondar@madsewer.org
Shirley Fox Insurance/Controller 207     shirleyf@madsewer.org
Staci Miller Accounts Payable 118 stacym@madsewer.org
Todd Gebert Capital Planning Engineer 235 toddg@madsewer.org
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