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Pollution prevention, or P2 for short, is a practice in wastewater treatment that helps reduce, eliminate or prevent water pollution prior to recycling, disposal or treatment. It is often more cost-effective to prevent pollution before it happens than it is to pay for wastewater treatment, resource recovery or disposal of waste products. When less pollution is created, we can better protect human health and the environment.

To celebrate the efforts of pollution prevention across the District (and the ongoing impact by our P2 team) we’ve created a special social media toolkit to share during national Pollution Prevention Week, generally held the third full week in September. The goal is to help highlight awareness of pollution prevention efforts and reduce the negative impacts of pollution in our communities. Help reduce pollution in our waterways and encourage good behaviors by sharing these messages on your social media channels.

Social action and activities for Pollution Prevention Week

SOCIAL Media Post Ideas

Use the suggested copy and graphics on your social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Be sure to tag @MadMetroSewer and use the hashtags #PollutionPreventionWeek and #P2Week in your posts!

To download photos on desktop, right-click on the colored square and select the “Save image as…” prompt. Images can be cropped to a 16:9 ratio in a standard photo editor, as needed.
On iOS mobile, press and hold photo to access the “Add to Photos” prompt.

Only Flush the 3Ps: Pee, Poo and (Toilet) Paper #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Only pee, poop and (toilet) paper should be flushed down the toilet. Everything else is not flushable and belongs in the trash. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week @MadMetroSewer

Trash talk: Toss wipes, floss and rags in the bin. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Toilets are not trash cans! Unflushable items like wipes, dental floss, tampons or applicators, and more should all go in the garbage can, not the toilet. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week @MadMetroSewer

Protect freshwater: Reduce chloride use. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Curbing your salt use helps protect everyone’s freshwater resources. Learn how to reduce chloride pollution and be more efficient with salt use at home or your business. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week #KeepFreshWaterFresh @WISaltWise @MadMetroSewer

Save salt: Check water softener efficiency. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Make sure you aren’t using more salt than needed at home! Check your water softener efficiency with this self-screen tool and find ways to reduce salt use all year long. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week @MadMetroSewer

Salt smart: reduce use on sidewalks and roads. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

On sidewalks and streets, a little bit of salt can go a long way. Protect freshwater from salt pollution with these tips to reduce winter salt use. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week @WISaltWise @MadMetroSewer

Reduce phosphorus: No yard waste in waterways. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Excess phosphorus promotes algae growth in local waters. One way to reduce phosphorus is to keep leaves and grass clippings off streets and out of waterways for cleaner water. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week @MadMetroSewer

MedDrop: Safely dispose of medications. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Be responsible with your old, unused medications and prescriptions. Take your pharma waste to a secure MedDrop box or safe disposal site near you to help prevent pollution of local waters. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week @MadMetroSewer

Clean Sweep: Dispose of household waste properly. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Keep local waters clean by safely disposing of household chemicals and hazardous waste. Clean Sweep in Dane County is one safe option. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week @MadMetroSewer

Fog less: No fats, oils or greases down drains. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Did you know FOGs (fats, oils and greases) clog drains? Check out how to properly dispose of FOGs at your home or business and avoid problems with the pipes. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week @MadMetroSewer

Reduce PFAS: Choose PFAS-free products. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Post copy:

Across the nation, communities are struggling with PFAS in the environment. See what @MadMetroSewer is doing to address the issue and learn what you can do to reduce or eliminate PFAS. #PollutionPreventionWeek #P2Week

Get Creative!

  • Post graphics as individual posts throughout the week -or- create a slideshow for a colorful post with movement.
  • Craft your own messages about reducing pollution in wastewater during #P2Week.
  • Tag other water partners and water warriors in your post.
  • Use additional hashtags like: #P2 #PollutionPrevention #WastewaterTreatment #OneWater #KeepFreshWaterFresh
  • Encourage your friends to share the messages, far and wide!


Article and materials created by Amy Steger