Crafting with Toilet Paper (TP) Rolls: Unique Holiday Crafts and Christmas Décor

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Do you have the crafting bug this winter? If you’re looking for a unique, upscale or upcycled creation for the holidays, check out these ten wonderful ideas to craft for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or the Winter season. All you need is toilet paper rolls after the TP has been used, and you’re ready to recycle an everyday object into a gorgeous display like these bloggers have. No one would guess what these wreaths, ornaments and tabletop décor are made from!

10 Ideas for Toilet Paper Roll Christmas and Holiday Crafts

DIY wreath made of toilet paper rolls and jingle bells.
Homemade wreath made of painted TP rolls in a flower shape, adorned with contrasting colored buttons.
Wreath covered with flowers made from toilet paper rolls.

Wreaths crafted from TP rolls

Honeycomb Jingle Bell Wreath

An Exacto knife, hot glue and a variety pack of jingle bells are all you need to create this simple, yet beautiful, display for your front door. View instructions.

Colored Floral Wreath

This wreath could work in all green with red plastic berries or go wild with color and add contrasting buttons to create a year-round floral display. This idea could work for Mother’s Day, Spring celebrations or make a red, white and blue option for Independence Day. View instructions.

Faux Rosewood TP Wreath

Sometimes inspiration for DIY wreaths comes from wreaths made from other materials, like real flowers. You’d never guess this upcycled version is made from toilet paper rolls! View instructions.

Toilet paper roll Christmas craft ornament flower with rhinestone button.
Colored pointed star ornament made from toilet paper (TP) rolls.
Handmade toilet paper roll Christmas craft reindeer ornament with kids hands.
Angel Christmas ornament made from toilet paper rolls, lace, pearls and glitter.

Christmas and holiday TP ornaments

Poinsettia / Flower Ornament

This simply elegant floral ornament is easy to make and adds the right amount of flair to a rustic-themed holiday tree. Add burlap ribbon for garland with silver balls and pine cone accents to complete the look. View instructions.

Suns & Stars Ornaments

For a homemade ornament with retro or mid-century flair, these bi-colored sun and star-shaped designs are a perfect fit for birthdays, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa decorations. Try something extra unique and adorn a wall by hanging a handful of creations with twine on a rod or stick. View instructions.

Reindeer Hands Ornament

A truly kid-friendly design, these reindeer ornaments are a cute way to capture the small size of little ones’ hands. Kids can use grocery bags or a lightweight cardboard box as another recycled ingredient that will perfectly match the TP rolls – no messy paint is required! View instructions.

Angel Ornament

These upcycled TP tube angels are more challenging to make, but the outcome is truly unique. Adorn each angel with different laces, pearls and buttons to create one-of-a-kind designs for your home or as gifts. View instructions.

Retro-inspired candle craft made from paper-covered toilet paper rolls for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.
Tabletop toilet paper roll Christmas tree craft, with feathered needles and spray painted gold with balls and red stars.
Cute snowman and snowpeople toilet paper roll craft for tabletops and mantles.

Tabletop crafts made from TP rolls

Retro-inspired Candles

Whether you use construction paper, scrapbook paper or wrapping paper, these candles are a gorgeous way to decorate for the holidays. The concept could be easily adapted into a candelabra-style grouping to represent a menorah for Hanukkah or a kinora for Kwanzaa. View instructions.

Feathered Tree

While there are probably a 100 different ways to make a TP tree (or a forest!) … this vlogger/YouTuber found a way to showcase the making of a classy tree with feathered foliage in a short 3-minute video. View instructions.

Snowpeople (aka Snowman Family)

Last, but certainly not least, gather the family and/or friends to create a grouping of snowmen, snowwomen and snowpeople. Each person decorates their own with unique colors, ribbons, facial expressions, etc. for a cute display that will last all winter long. View instructions.

Thank you to the bloggers and publications that shared how-tos and instructions for making toilet paper Christmas crafts and creative holiday TP roll creations. For more ideas on how toilets, toilet paper and wastewater treatment can be fun for kids and kids at heart, follow us at @MadMetroSewer on social media or visit the Culture & Society section of our blog!

Article written by Amy Steger