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The district maintains a formal service area boundary, in accordance with state statutes. The boundary may be expanded to allow the district to serve new areas. A boundary annexation to the district shall be one contiguous parcel or area.  The contiguous parcel to be annexed to the district can include several individually owned parcels or right-of-way, but must be legally described.

Upon approval of the annexation to the district, an annexation fee will be due from the customer community. This fee varies based on the type of annexation required, as detailed below. Annexation fees are set by the commission, and adjusted annually.


2021 Fee

Annexation Fee per expedited annexations area, for Cities, Villages and Town Sanitary Districts (consistent with §200.15(1)(a)3


Annexation fee per petitioned annexation area, for areas inconsistent with the expedited process, defined by §200.15(2) where a public hearing is also required.


Here is a link to a map showing the the district’s service area boundary.

Expedited Annexations
A city, village, or town sanitary district can make a formal request for annexation of territory to the district, consistent with §200.15(1)(a)3 of the Wisconsin Statutes. These annexations are referred to as “expedited” annexations, and are generally approved by a resolution of the commission. Expedited annexations are typically acted on by the commission within 2-3 weeks of a request.

Petitioned Annexations
Annexation of territory that is not within a city, village, or town sanitary district must be initiated by a petition from a municipal governing body or upon motion of the commission, as provided in §200.15(2) of the Wisconsin Statutes. A “petitioned” annexation requires a public hearing, preceded by class 2 notice, and typically are acted on within 8-10 weeks of submitting a petition.

To assist in managing annexation of territory to the district, the commission adopted “Guidelines for Orderly and Efficient Addition of Territory to the District”. When reviewing a request for annexation, staff use these guidelines to consider the following questions:

  • Is the annexation contiguous to existing district boundaries?
  • Does the annexation prevent gaps/islands in the district’s service area boundary?
  • Does the annexation include all nearby lands within the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources sewer service area?
  • Does the annexation have regular boundaries (i.e., follows municipal boundaries or section lines)?
  • Are adjacent parklands included?

Annexation Submittals
Here is a link showing general requirements on what to include when requesting annexation of lands to the district. Please contact staff prior to submittal for coordination of any boundary annexation request.