MMSD’s employees are the reason for this building; prior to the construction of this facility the Operations and Maintenance department was scattered across several different buildings on campus in spaces that weren’t designed to accommodate the staff size. This building brings together workers into a cleaner and safer space designed to fit the work that needs to be done to maintain our system and facilities.


Structured for Workflow
Office space within the new facility is organized to facilitate easier and more productive teamwork. The parts and inventory room, which all staff use, is located in the middle as a central hub. Other departments surround the with collaborating groups adjacent to each other. This design saves employees time and supports easier and more frequent communication.


Improved Facilities for Worker Health
The new locker rooms provide additional storage and improved facilities for cleaning up after working in the field. A new employee break room is separated from the cleanup area to ensure safety and features a full kitchen to promote preparation of healthy meals and plentiful natural light for a relaxing break.


Additional LEED Features

  • HVAC system designed to provide high indoor air quality and environmental comfort for employees
  • Building custodial services use green certified cleaning procedures and products
  • Bicycle parking areas and changing facilities to encourage alternative commuting transportation