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The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District conducts free, scheduled tours of its Nine Springs Treatment Plant. Conducting tours is part of the District's continuing efforts to be a good neighbor and a positive influence on our community.  Visitors will learn about the wastewater treatment process and ways that they can protect water.

Tour Timing
A typical tour lasts approximately an hour and a half.  Best starting times for tours are Monday through Friday between 7:30am and 3:00pm.  We do not conduct tours on major holidays. 

Closed-toe, sturdy, flat-soled shoes are required of all tour participants. Sandals, open-toe shoes and high heels are not allowed. We suggest wearing comfortable clothes as there will be a lot of walking and stair climbing on the tour. We do not cancel our tours due to weather unless it poses a danger to our visitors, so dress appropriately for the weather. 

The standard tour route includes stairs, uneven surfaces including grass, and a good deal of walking. Some parts of the route are not accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. However, with advance notice, we can make modifications to the route to accomodate all visitors.

Tour Scheduling
To schedule a tour, fill out the tour request form and we will be in contact with you shortly to confirm the tour.  We can customize our tours for the needs of each group visiting our plant, so please let us know if you have any specific questions or a specific focus for your group.

Note on Group Size: Tour groups of 5 or more people are recommended. We try to accommodate all tour requests, though, so if you are an individual interested in a tour, you can still fill out the tour request form or contact Emily Jones ( to request a tour. We will try to combine these individual tour requests with other tours when possible, so individual tour requests may need to be flexible on the date and time of the tour.

Directions to MMSD

Most tours will begin in Shop One (follow this map to get to this building). If your tour will have a different starting point, the tour coordinator will let you know prior to the tour.

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