MMSD Service Area Water Hardness Lookup Map

Water in the Madison area comes from underground, and has dissolved minerals (aka 'hardness') in it. Hardness can vary from place to place, so it is important to make sure the hardness setting on a water softener actually reflects the water coming in.

The map and chart below help identify an expected hardness for your address. These estimates (reported in grains) were developed with local water utilities, and should be used to set softener efficiency. 

Search for an address in MMSD's service area using this map. Click the color that the address occupies to see the expected hardness for that address.   


Areas in gray are not served by MMSD or do not have a public water distribution system. Best practice for these places are to 1) check with the community's water utility 2) if on a private well, test for hardness with multiple tests. 


Fitchburg   Multiple - see map
Madison   Multiple - see map or look-up
Middleton   18
Monona   24
Verona   20
Cottage Grove   20
DeForest   32
Maple Bluff   Multiple - see map
McFarland   21
Morrisonville   20
Shorewood Hills   Multiple - see map
Town of Madison   Multiple - see map
Waunakee   15
Windsor   20


Note on method: the water utilites that determined these numbers did so through laboratory testing of mineral content. Color changing test strips have been shown to produce variable results. Where possible, following the reported numbers from the water utility is a better bet than using test strips. Full sources cited and meta-data available at request; email