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January 24, 2022   /   All day

January 24-28, 2022 is Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week.

This week, Wisconsin Salt Wise hosts a series of 30-minute webinars with area experts discussing #thetruecostofsalt in our drinking water, homes and freshwater ecosystems. Webinars start at 12:30 pm daily and last for 30 minutes on YouTube livestream.

  • Monday, January 24: The Environmental Toll of Salts and Deicers
  • Tuesday, January 25: We’re Salting Our Drinking Water
  • Wednesday, January 26: Water Softener Salt Goes Where?
  • Thursday, January 27: Let’s Teach about Salt
  • Friday, January 28: Salt Reduction Efforts Across Wisconsin

See the lineup to learn more -or- register now!