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Take our softener self-screen online to get recommendations to improve your softener and find out if you're eligible for the pilot programs in Dunn and McFarland.
Resources for Certified Providers
If you are a service provider who is participating or interested in participating in this program, you can find resources related to the softener training and program structure here.

Water Softener Salt Savers Program

Many water softeners in the District's service area area outdated or are not set up to run at their peak efficiency. That's a problem because all of the salt that goes into water softeners ends up at the wastewater treatment plant, and eventually local freshwater streams. Excessive chloride (a component of salt) can threaten freshwater wildlife.  

The District's Salt Savers program is designed to equip service providers with the knowledge and resources to increase the efficiency of home water softeners and to identify softeners that are prime candidates for replacement. To encourage homeowners to participate, the district is funding discounts on services and equipment that will result in reduced salt to the sewer system. 

**This program is currently in PILOT stage in the Town of Dunn Sanitary Districts, Village of McFarland, and Pleasant Springs Sanitary District. Reimbursement of services is available only for jobs completed in homes connected to sanitary sewer service in the Town of Dunn, Village of McFarland, or Pleasant Springs Sanitary District (search your address on this map to determine when you're in the project area). Check back for updates on the availability of this program in your municipality.**

If you live in the Town of Dunn, find more information about the program here

If you live in the Village of McFarland, find more information about the program here

If you live in the Pleasant Springs Sanitary District, find more information about the program here


Trained Softener Service Providers

The service providers listed below have completed training from MMSD about salt reduction, softener efficiency, and use of the MMSD reporting app. More providers will be added to this list as they complete training. 

Different providers have different specialties, so use the information below to determine who to call for the appropriate service. For example, if you are having a new unit installed to replace a "clunker," call a service provider who has indicated that they are willing to perform installations of new efficient units in the table below. 

Remote evaluations: It's possible to have your softener evaluated remotely, such as through a video call with a participating service provider. Check the "Offering remote evaluations" column to find providers who are offering softener evaluations remotely.

Company Trained providers Contact Information Evaluation of existing softener Offering remote evaluations Optimization of existing softener Installation of new efficient unit Preferred brands for optimizations
Addie Water Dan Addie, Joel Addie, Terry Addie, Jason Delong, Brian Monroe 1-800-982-1652 X Yes X X Addie, Capital, Culligan, Fox, Hellenbrand, Morton, Omni, Supreme
AirWater John Menz 608-831-3033 X     X HydroFlow salt-free water conditioner (installations)
All Comfort Services Pat Ace, Rich Hoeth, Gary Kunkel 608-838-7300 X   X X Capital, Fox, Hellenbrand
Capital Water William Hartin, Scott O'Connell 608-241-1511 X Yes (for Capital softeners) X X Addie, Capital, Fox, Hellenbrand
Culligan Total Water Reid Carrick, Lucas Carlino, Nick Judd, Derek Quam, John Schmit 608-221-2236 X   X X All
Dave Jones, Inc. Mike Harshbarger, Bob Ostby, Scott Prochaska, Jodie Wilson csr@davejones.com
X   X X Hellenbrand
Hellenbrand Derek Below, Doug Bernards, Kyle Bettilyon, Adam Dahms, Patrick Hughes, Jamie Pulvermacher, Geoff Yenter, Dave Zuhde 608-849-5717 X Yes X X All
Lichtfeld Plumbing Melanie Lichtfeld, Jeff Trummer lichtfeldplumbing@

X Yes X X All