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New Development



The district maintains a formal service area boundary, in accordance with state statutes. The boundary may be expanded to allow the district to serve new areas. A boundary annexation to the district shall be one contiguous parcel or area.  The contiguous parcel to be annexed to the district can include several individually owned parcels or right-of-way, but must be legally described. read more

Sanitary Sewer Extensions

All projects within the district service area boundary which install or modify publicly owned sanitary sewers must be approved by the district commission and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. read more

Connection Charges

The construction of the district’s wastewater conveyance system and treatment plant has required a significant investment by the district. These costs are recovered over time by customer communities through “connection charges”, as new lands are served by sanitary sewers. Connection charges are area based, and are charged to all lands which can be served by the sewers being installed. Lands which are considered public right-of-ways or recognized as environmental corridor are not subject to connection charges if no sanitary sewer service is being provided. read more

Pollution Prevention

The district encourages all new building in its service area to utilize its Best Management Practices for Water Softening in designing plumbing and choosing, setting-up water softeners. New dental clinics and industrial facilities should review the district’s sewer use ordinance and notify the district’s pretreatment coordinator early in the development process to evaluate the need for a permit.