Engineering Projects


Northeast Interceptor Joint Grouting MH10-106 to MH10-101



Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is joint grouting the conveyance sewer along the Marsh View Bike Path between Highway 30 and West Corporate Drive.This project, known as Northeast Interceptor Joint Grouting MH10-106 to MH10-101, will rehabilitate existing infrastructure to continue to serve the needs of the community.
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West Interceptor Shorewood Relief



The District’s West Intercepting System is a complex network of parallel sewers that provides service to the near west side of the City of Madison, the City of Middleton, the Village of Shorewood Hills and the Town of Westport. The original West Interceptor was built in 1916 and extended in 1932. There have been several extensions, reliefs and replacements added to the system over the years. Read More