Recycled materials
22% of the materials in this building are from recycled sources, saving money and energy over using brand new materials. The reception desk features one of the most visible uses of recycled materials with desk and slat walls constructed reclaimed barnwood from Wisconsin in pre-1888. Other recycled materials in the building include:    

  • Structural steel (90% recycled)                
  • Doors (35% recycled)
  • Windows (5% recycled)
  • Bathroom fixtures (25% recycled)
  • Carpet (4% recycled)

Most of the wood used for this building is Forest Stewardship Council certified.



Locally Sourced Materials
The Maintenance Facility includes several materials that were sourced or built nearby, reducing the energy and fuel of transporting materials a long way.

  • 41 percent of the materials in this building are from within 500 miles of Madison.
  • Some of these materials were also manufactured with local labor right here in Wisconsin, such as concrete that was extracted around Chicago and mixed here in Madison. Most of the walls and floors are made from panels that were made in Valders, WI.
  • Over three quarters of the waste generated during construction was recycled.