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Connection Charges

The construction of the district’s wastewater conveyance system and treatment plant has required a significant investment by the district. These costs are recovered over time by customer communities through “connection charges”, as new lands are served by sanitary sewers. Connection charges are area based, and are charged to all lands which can be served by the sewers being installed. Lands which are considered public right-of-ways or recognized as environmental corridor are not subject to connection charges if no sanitary sewer service is being provided.

Connection charges are broken down into two types;

  • Conveyance Facility Connection Charges (CFCC)
  • Treatment Plant Connection Charges (TPCC)

Both CFCC and TPCC are paid by all new connections to the district. Regulations which govern the administration of connection charges were adopted by the commission on July 27, 2017, and can be found here.

Paid Areas Viewer

The Paid Areas Viewer offers customer communities, title companies, developers and others an easy and convenient way to check whether sanitary sewer connection charges have been paid.

To use the map, either type in the address or 12 digit parcel number (no dashes) in the search bar to navigate to the parcel. Blue shaded areas indicate that connection charges have been paid for existing connections to the sanitary sewer system. Red shading denotes that unpaid or deferred charges are owed to the district.

Be aware that if a parcel is being redeveloped, additional connection charges may be owed to the district. If you have questions about connection charges or are planning a new development or redevelopment, please contact Curt Sauser via email or at 608-709-1830.

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Links and additional details

Links to guidance documents which provide additional details on how staff administers connection charges are approved by the Chief Engineer & Director, and can be found below:

Brief history and overview of connection charges

Conveyance Facility Connection Charges (CFCC) have existed since the district was formed in 1930, and vary depending on cost of conveyance facilities required to transmit the wastewater to and from the treatment plant. There are currently 30 CFCC basins throughout the district service area. Generally speaking, lands further away from the treatment plant require more facilities to transmit wastewater, and these CFCC rates are generally higher than the CFCC rates for basins close to the treatment plant.

Treatment Plant Connection Charges (TPCC) were first adopted by the commission in 1993, and then modified in 2003 to be area based and consistent with CFCC.  TPCC allocates the value of the treatment plant to an area basis using estimates of average treatment plant capacity usage per lot, which applies to all new connections. If TPCC was not paid on an area basis when lands originally connected to the district, a “redevelopment charge” may be due if lands redevelop and increase usage of the sanitary sewer system.

A current schedule of connection charges and map of the associated conveyance facility basins can be found here.