Salt Reduction Funding

The District is currently offering grants for projects that reduce salt to the sewer system. Access current grant materials, including application forms, at the link below:

Chloride Reduction Grant Programs

Saving Salt at Your Business

Businesses, multifamily residences, and institutions can use hundreds or thousands of pounds of salt every month. Large water softeners feed processes and equipment that use a lot of soft water, such as cooling towers, boilers, laundry, dishwashing and industrial systems. Additionally, businesses that have parking lots and sidewalks are responsible for snow and ice removal in these areas in the winter.

Inefficient salt use in softeners or on parking lots and sidewalks wastes time and money and contributes to elevated chloride in the environment. Take the steps below to avoid wasting salt at your business and to keep our waters fresh.

Ensure efficient use of softener salt

An old or inefficiently configured water softener can waste a large amount of salt in a commerical setting. Even newer softeners have the potential for salt reduction with add-ons such as brine reclaim. Some commercial facilities have even eliminated salt use in some systems by finding alternatives to softened water. Explore these actions and resources for reducing salt use in your facility.

Train staff or use trained contractors for smart winter maintenance

Excessive road salt use is another source of chloride pollution that also wastes money for businesses. You can keep your sidewalks and driveways safe without using piles of salt. Visit Wisconsin Salt Wise for actions you can take to reduce road salt at your business. We also recommend that all staff and contractors that apply salt on your grounds be certified through the City of Madison Winter Salt Certification.  The District has road salt grants available for projects that reduce road salt.

Learn from other businesses

Dozens of businesses in the Madison area have successfully reduced water softener and road salt. Many of these businesses received funding from the District to support salt reduction projects. Browse case studies of local businesses that have saved on salt to get ideas for projects at your facilities.