What is a Pechakucha?
Those of you not familiar with Pechakucha, it is delivering 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide. It originated in Japan by architects who thought of themselves as too verbose and needed a more refined format for presenting information. The format challenges speakers to be concise and it is fast paced. The literal translation is “chit chat.”

Why it is Great to Work in the Sewers-the Reprise

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission: Protect public health and the environment.

We are a passionate and experienced resource recovery team who aim to protect public health and the environment.  Every time we clean and return wastewater safely back to nature or apply Metrogro to help farmers grow more food, we're taking steps to create a cleaner and better world.  We're known for our innovative engineering, conservation leadership, recovery expertise, and we're cost-conscious ratepayers just like you.


Our Vision: Enrich life through clean water and resource recovery.

At the district, our vision is to not only enrich the community by improving living conditions for people, plants and animals, but also educate others so they too can take steps to conserve our resources.  Water is finite; we can't create more of it.  By changing the way we think about and use water, together we have the power to enhance the quality of life on our planet.  By making small changes and respecting every drop of water we have today, we can set the tone for a resource-conscious and sustainable community tomorrow.