Northeast Interceptor-Truax Extension Project


About the project
Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is working on the design for the Northeast Interceptor-Truax Extension project. The new sewer line, which will run from Lien Road to the intersection of Highway 51 and Rieder Road, will increase capacity and boost resiliency of the district’s wastewater collection system.

It will be a big dig
When the project gets underway in 2019, it will involve tunneling under East Washington Avenue and excavating at depths exceeding 25 feet.  The effects on traffic will vary depending on the route selected. Construction of the project is expected to begin in 2019 with a total estimated cost of $9.6 million.

Project will boost capacity, build resilience
In 2011, robotic inspection of the 49-year-old existing pipe revealed a number of defects involving corrosion of the interior concrete surface. The existing pipe is also nearing capacity. To meet future anticipated growth, either a bigger pipe (called a replacement sewer) or a second pipe (called a relief sewer) working in parallel with the existing pipe is required.

The project currently under consideration is the relief sewer option. Once the relief sewer is completed, the district intends to rehabilitate the existing pipe by inserting a new lining to protect against further corrosion. This construction strategy reduces risks and total project costs because building the relief sewer first minimizes the need for costly bypass pumping during construction. And ultimately, operating two sewer lines will enhance the resilience of the collection system.  

Four different routes were presented on May 30, 2018 at a public meeting.  Residents, members of the business community and property owners in attendance at the meeting provided feedback on the alternatives.  The District anticipates having the route selection completed by the end of June 2018 to proceed with design.

For questions or to submit public comments, contact Jen Hurlebaus, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District project manager, or 608-222-1201 ext 248.

Link to 5-24-2018 News Release