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Jennifer Sereno
Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
1610 Moorland Rd.
Madison, WI  53713

Connection Charges Background

Since 2014, the district has been working with customer communities and other stakeholders to determine ways to more equitably recover the costs of connecting and serving new developments. As development patterns have changed through the years, the financial burden of providing capacity to serve new developments has been increasingly absorbed by existing customers through regular service charges.

To address this issue, changes to the rate structure for conveyance facility connection charges and treatment plant connection charges are now under consideration by the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Commission. At the May 11, 2017 meeting, commissioners asked district staff to provide phase-in options for implementing improved cost recovery from new developments including 18 month, three year and five year schedules.

The district appreciates the need for phased implementation that supports planned development in its service territory for the benefit of the environment and the economy. The district is welcoming additional input via

Comments Received
Community of Bishops Bay and T Wall Enterprises received on July 17, 2017
Apartment Association of South Central Wisconsin received on July 19, 2017
Citizen Bill Muntner received on July 19, 2017
Village of Windsor received on July 21, 2017
City of Fitchburg received on July 26, 2017
Smart Growth Greater Madison received on July 26, 2017
Veridian Homes received on July 26, 2017

Steps to Success
Spring 2014 Commission direction and staff work
Summer 2014 Community customers meeting, staff work, formation of technical subcommittee (comprised of customer community delegates) and updates to the commission
October 2015          Resolution approved by commission
2016 Technical subcommittee work on implementation details
Fall 2016 Adopted budget assumes $600K increased connection charge revenue for 2017
Spring 2017 Finalize regulations, prepare ordinance and amendments
April 27, 2017 Public hearing
May 11, 2017 Commission approves a motion supporting the rate adjustments and directing staff to undertake public engagement process to help evaluate implementation options for phasing in of new rates
June 2017 Staff work related to public engagement
July 12, 2017 Customer Community meeting to discuss phasing options
July 19, 2017 Interested Parties meeting to discuss phasing options
July 27, 2017 Commission Meeting