News Release
May 23, 2018 news release about grants and business seminar
Grant Programs

The district is currently offering grants for projects that reduce chloride contributions to the sewer system and road salt use. Access current grant materials, including application forms, at the link below.


Chloride Reduction Grant Programs


Salt Reduction Resources

There are many ways that businesses can reduce salt use in their facilities, including optimizing existing softeners, upgrading to higher-efficiency softeners, and eliminating soft water use where possible. Visit the webpage below for some suggestions for salt reduction projects, as well as resources from past salt reduction trainings. 

Salt reduction resources

Smart Salt Use for Businesses

The district hosted a free informational and networking session on how businesses can save money and time, help keep sewer bills low, and protect fresh water by using less salt. This session included information about the district's salt reduction funding programs, options for increasing water softener efficiency and decreasing road salt application, and Q&A and networking with water treatment experts.

Didn't make it? Check out the recorded webinar below and the links to the right with information about the district's chloride reduction grant programs and resources for avoiding over-application of road salt. 

Webinar Recording