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Project Overview

This project will construct a gravity or force main sewer connector to link the East Interceptor upstream of Pumping Station (PS) 6 to the Northeast Interceptor upstream of Pumping Station 10. The primary purpose of this interconnection is to provide system redundancy and flexibility during high flows and other emergency events. 


The District’s collection system consists of 18 pumping stations and 32 miles of raw wastewater force mains. A loss of electrical power at any of these pumping stations or a pipe failure in any of the force mains threatens the ability of the collection system to safely and efficiently convey raw wastewater to the treatment plant. Diversion sewers such as this project allow for the emergency transfer of flow between pump stations during emergency situations, and they have been used very effectively in other areas of the collection system. The Pumping Station 6 to Pumping Station 10 connector was studied and recommended in both the 2002 Collection System Facilities Plan and the 2009 Collection System Facilities Plan Update.

Project details

Project Type:

System Redundancy


Pumping Station 6: 402 Walter Street, City of Madison

Pumping Station 10: 110 Regas Road, City of Madison


Bidding: TBD

Project Completion: TBD


Alternatives Analysis

Project Contact:

Lisa Coleman
608-222-1201 x133