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Portable Gas Detector, Lease, Software and Servicing

Advertisement for Proposal: Professional Service
Portable Gas Detector, Lease, Software and Servicing
Advertised starting Wednesday, May 1, 2024, for a minimum of two consecutive weeks using VendorNet.

The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (District) is seeking a company to provide a portable multi-gas detector solution to meet the health and safety needs of our employees. Proposal must outline equipment leases and a remote access cloud-based software solution designed to seamlessly identify, schedule, and document equipment maintenance and repair services. Proposal must also include service costs to configure, set up, and implement equipment migration within the specified schedule. Additional requirements and equipment specifications are outlined in the request for proposals.

The selected vendor must be the equipment manufacturer or O.E.M., authorized representative that can provide documented exceptional customer service and a long-standing history of positive professional relationships.

The contract will be awarded for a four-year term. Specific requirements, specifications and expectations, and other details for this RFP are described below.

The District will accept proposals until 5:00 pm, CT, on Wednesday, May 29, 2024. Proposals shall be emailed to Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, Marcus Canty, at marcusc@madsewer.org. The email should clearly state in the subject line: “Multi-Gas Detector Lease, Software, and Service.”

Any questions should be directed to the project manager, Marcus Canty, Health, Safety and Security Leader, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District at (608) 709-1828 or marcusc@madsewer.org. The deadline for submitting questions is Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

Only formal written addenda that are posted on the District website can materially alter this Request for Proposal (RFP). No verbal statement made by a District employee or anyone else is binding, nor shall such a statement be considered an official part of this public proposal.

The District is federal and state tax-exempt and reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to waive any technicality and accept any proposal which may, in its opinion, be advantageous to the District. All proposal responses and their contents will be public records.

Any questions may be directed to:
Marcus Canty
Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
1610 Moorland Rd
Madison, WI  53713

Published by authority of the Commissioners of the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. 

By Bradley J. Murphy, Secretary

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