Salt Savers Pilot Project Overview - Town of Dunn

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is partnering with the Town of Dunn (see map of pilot area) on a pilot project to improve water softener efficiency, with an end goal of reducing chloride to the sewer system. The Town of Dunn was chosen because it's a smaller, measurable area of the sewer system that connects to the sewerage district's treatment plant. In this project, the district and the Town of Dunn are testing out a project structure in which residents can get free or discounted improvements made to their water softener by trained professionals. These discounts are reimbursed by Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District through the Town of Dunn.

Project period: 

This program was launched in October 2019 and is currently open to residents of the Town of Dunn. 

How it works:

  1. Gather as much information as possible about the condition of your water softener, including its age and brand. It's okay if you can't find this information, but having general information about your softener can help your service provider make a determination about its condition. You can complete the home softener evaluation developed by MMSD to get an idea of whether your softener would qualify for an optimization or replacement.
  2. Call a trained service provider on this list and request a service to your softener. You will receive a discounted evaluation of your softener and optimization, if appropriate. These services are free to Town of Dunn residents during the pilot project period.
  3. If your service provider determines that your current softener is an inefficient "clunker," you will be eligible for a $200 discount to replace your softener with a softener with an efficiency of at least 4000 grains per pound or other approved water treatment unit. A trained service provider must install the new efficient unit and document the installation for the discount to be applied. Your service provider will apply the discount at the time of installation of the new unit.

At this stage of the project, you are eligible if:
  1. You have an existing water softener in your home;
  2. You live in the Town of Dunn and are connected to the MMSD sewer system through a sanitary district (properties on septic systems are not eligible), (*check eligibility here) and
  3. You have a trained provider provide service on your softener and document the service through the Salt Savers app. Softener replacements or optimizations that occurred prior to this program are not eligible for reimbursement.