Salt Reduction Success Stories

Road Salt Reduction 

Purchasing new equipment, writing winter maintenance policies, training staff, using best management practicies & more - visit WI Salt Wise 
Case study videos from: Barnes Inc, City of Fitchburg, Village of Shorewood Hills, Friends of Lake Wingra, MMSD, Dane County & More

Industrial Salt Use Reduction 

Cintas Uniform Services - Cintas
Switching from Water Cooled to Air Cooled - Hydrite Chemical
Water Softener Alternative - Meriter Hospital 

Business Water Softener Upgrades

Biotron Building - UW-Madison
Apartment Buildings - Hellenbrand
Detect Problems with Softener & Upgrade - Best Western Inn Towner
Reuse Softener Brine for Sidewalk Anti-Icing - Lucky Building/E. Campus Mall/Steve Brown Apartments 

Homeowner Water Softener Upgrade

Coming soon... 

Municipal Salt Reduction 

Village of Paddock Lake - Baxter & Woodman