Nine Springs Valley Interceptor Improvements - McKee Road to Dunn's Marsh

Update 9/9/21: The Nine Springs Valley Interceptor Improvements-McKee Road to Dunn's Marsh project anticipates reopening the Military Ridge and Cannonball trails by October 1, 2021. This date is subject to change depending on progress and weather.

The trail is still CLOSED at this time. Please follow the detours. Staying off the trail will allow for the completion of the remaining work, which includes pavement striping, installing high friction surface, shoulder restoration, plantings, and the remainder of signage install.

We look forward to having the trail back open soon. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation!​

Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is replacing the existing interceptor along the Military Ridge Path and Cannonball Path between McKee Road and Seminole Highway. This project, known as Nine Springs Valley Interceptor Improvements - McKee Road to Dunn's Marsh, will protect public health by replacing deteriorated infrastructure and increase capacity to serve growing communities.

An interceptor is the largest component of a sewer network. It receives flow from small sewer lines and directs sewage to the wastewater treatment plant. The portion of the interceptor that will be replaced in this project was built in 1965 and serves the City of Madison, the City of Fitchburg, the City of Verona, and the City of Middleton.

Following a comprehensive analysis with consultant MSA Professional Services, Inc., the District has chosen to build a new interceptor to replace the existing, spanning approximately 4,200 lineal feet.

As the majority of the interceptor runs adjacent to or under the Military Ridge and Cannonball paths, the project includes restoration of the trails as well as other trail improvements. These improvements include new lighting at Velo UnderRound roundabout and additional signage for trail amenities. In select areas, the project will also remove invasive species for restoration of native species. The project also avoids disturbing local wetlands to the maximum extent possible.

Detours for the Military Ridge Path and Cannonball Path are planned to start Monday, Dec. 7, 2020. Portions of these paths, including the Velo UnderRound, will be closed during the project. See the detour map for revised routes.

For questions, email Rachel Feil, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District project manager, or call 608-709-1832.

Detour Map
Map of Project Location​
Nine Springs Valley Interceptor System