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Adaptive Management Plan - January 2017
WINS Letter of Support for Dane County Legacy Sediment Project (Word document)
DNR Approvable Plan Letter
Yahara WINs Independent Contractor Agreement
 Intergovernmental Agreement and Related Information
Executed Intergovernmental Agreement (May 2016)
*Burke Amendment September 2017
FAQ with Intergovernmental Agreement (Dec. 2015)
MOU with Town of Burke and withdrawal
Legal Services Agreement
MG&E Foundation Pledge to Yahara WINs  
Yahara WINS Approved 2017 and 5-year Budget‚Äč
Clean Lakes Alliance MOU 2017
Clean Lakes Alliance MOU - 2018 extension of 2017 MOU
Letter to DNR Re: IGA
Memorandum of Understanding with DNR (Dec. 2014)
MOU with Town of Pleasant Springs
MOU with Town of Westport 
MOU with Town of Dunn
Resolution - Establishment and Use of Designated Operating Reserve Fund
 Yahara WINS (& Pilot Project) Reports
Yahara WINS 2017 Annual Report
Yahara WINS 2016 Annual Report 
Yahara WINS Annual Report 2014, Exec. Summary
Yahara WINS Semi-Annual Report Aug 2014
May 2013 Newsletter
2012 Annual Report
Nov 2012 Newsletter
Final Yahara WINS Pilot Project Report (June 2016)
Yahara WINS 2015 Semi-Annual Report
Yahara WINS Annual Report 2014
August 2013 Semi-Annual Report
November 2013 Newsletter
2012 Annual Report Executive Summary
 Dane County WINS Related Reports
Dane County 2014 Phosphorus Reductions
Dane County June 2014 Quarterly Report 
Dane County Final Pilot Project Report
Dane County 2016 Annual Report
Dane County 2017 Annual Report
Yahara Pride Reports
Yahara Pride Annual Report 2013
Yahara Pride Farms Final 2014 Report
Yahara Pride Farms 2015 Final Report
Yahara Pride Annual Report 2016
Yahara Pride Annual Report 2017 - Executive Summary
Yahara Pride Annual Report 2017 - Phosphorus Report
Rock County Reports
Rock County Annual Report 2017
WDNR Reports
Yahara Water Quality Monitoring Narrative Report 2017
Yahara WINS Pilot Project
UW Zoology Interim Progress of the Yahara WINS Pilot  Project
UW-Madison Water Resources Management Practicum
Yahara WINS Extended SWAT Model  
Yahara WINS Fact Sheet for NACWA 2017 NEAA Submittal
Memorandum of Understanding 2012

Dane Co. Nutrient Concentration System Study
Yahara CLEAN Engineering Report 
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Extended SWAT Model Figures
Yahara WINS 2017 NACWA NEAA Submittal

Map & Videos
Pilot Area Close Up Map June 11th Adaptive Management Press Conference
Dane County Announces Phosphorus Rules Pilot Project  Cover Crop Seeding Video
Yahara Pride Video Pilot Project Location
Aug 29, 2013 - Waunakee Tribune July 23, 2012 - The Economist
Aug 29, 2013 - Channel 3000  July 23, 2012 - Madison Commons 
Aug 21, 2012 - The Cap Times  June 19, 2012 WI Radio Network 
Summer 2012 - Rock River Reflections  June 11, 2012 - Dane County Announces Partnership to Reduce Phosphorus in Lakes 
July 25, 2012 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  Jan 2017,TPO Magazine, Everyone WINs