Contact & Directions

    Julie Maas

    (608)222-1201 ext 309

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Types of Waste

Accepted wastes

  • Domestic septage from holding and septic tanks

  • Porta potty wastewater

  • Leachate from local closed landfills

  • Grease from local restaurants and food service establishments

  • Car wash sand

Prior approval required

  • Food wastes

  • Industrial wastes

Wastewater generated Out of State is not accepted

Hauled Waste

The district provides valuable treatment services to rural homes and businesses of Dane County and the surrounding region. The pumping company has two options for rural wastewater: apply to farm fields under approved methods or deliver the septage to a wastewater treatment plant. We have offered a septage disposal station at the Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant for nearly 30 years.

RV Owners are welcome to use our septage receiving station (which is designed for very large vehicles) during business hours. There is no charge for RV’s to dump graywater. You will also find facilities designed for your RV nearby at the Lake Farm Park campground ($10 charge for non-campers).                   

 Septage Receiving Area at Nine Springs Treatment Plant




2021 Disposal Rates
(All rates are per 1000 gallons)
Waste Type Rate
Septic Tank $30.60
Holding Tank $4.84
Grease Trap $125.00
Settling Basin $278.00
Portable Toilet $111.20
Admin Charges
Per Month


Hours of Operation
The gates are open Monday - Friday 5:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. daily,
7 days a week.

If you have the need to bring wastes in on the weekend you will need to arrange this with district staff ahead of time. Use Gate #1 as always, but the gate will be closed.
We recommend calling ahead of your arrival time on  the weekends to allow the operator some time to open the gate.  Please be patient.

Call either (608) 576-9637 or (608) 225-8470