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Liquid Processing Plan

Facility Planning

The preparation of a facility planning document is a critical first step in implementing improvements to the district’s treatment plant and collection system facilities.  Plans can vary in size, scope and planning horizon depending on the issues to be addressed.   In general, plans will assess the condition of a particular asset or issue, establish the need for an improvement, evaluate several options that adequately address the system needs, and identify the most cost-effective alternative.  The cost alternatives analysis considers both monetary costs and non-monetary costs such as environmental and social impacts of a project.  Public participation is a key component of facility planning and is achieved through public meetings and periods for stakeholder review and comment.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires that facility plans be prepared and approved for all reviewable projects that involve improvements to wastewater treatment facilities.  For collection system projects, facility plans are required by the Department if funding is sought through its Clean Water Fund program.