2020 CIP Full Business Cases

A project summary sheet is intended to give a broad overview of the project, including general location, scope of work, history, schedule and a summary of costs. A project business case provides justification for each project by including more detail than the project summary sheet and also incorporates additional information such as an analysis of alternatives, a life cycle cost estimate and an allocation of annual costs. 

Treatment Plant
Project ID# Project Name
A01.1, A01.4, A01.5 & A01.6  Plant Peak Capacity Improvements
A01.2   UV Disinfection
A01.3   East Blower Controls
A01.7   Plant Unit Substation Improvements
A01.8   PCS Upgrade 
A02.1  Headworks Flow Metering
A02.2   Septage Receiving
A02.3   Headworks Screening
A02.4  Activated Sludge Projects
A02.5 & A02.6   Nitrite Shunt
A02.7   East and West Blower Switchgear
A03   Shop One Renovations
A04   Resource Recovery Facility
A05   Plant Energy
A06   Final Clarifier 4,5  & 6 Launder Troughs
A07, A08 & A09   Miscellaneous Projects
A10   Metrogro Applicators
A11   Ops Building Remodel
A12  Miscellaneous Nine Springs Improvements
A13  15 kV Electrical Service Replacement
A14  CMMS Replacement
A15  Lagoon Dikes Stabilization
A16  Plant HVAC Improvements
A17  Campus Space Master Plan
Project ID# Project Name
B01  NSVI  McKee Road to Dunn's Marsh
B02 & B05 NEI Truax Extension Relief Sewer
B03  WI  Shorewood Relief
B04.1 WI  Spring Street Relief
B04.2  NEI & E. Johnson Relief Rehab
B06  NEI  Waunakee Relief
B07  NEI  FEI to SEI Lining
B08, C03, C06 & C07  LBMC + PS17
Pumping Stations
Project ID# Project Name
C01  Grass Lake Dike Stabilization
C02  PS 7 Improvements
C04  PS 13 & 14 Rehab
C05  PS 4 Rehabilitation
C08  PS 16 FM
C09  Miscellaneous Collection System Improvements
Capital Expenses
Project ID# Project Name
D01 & D03 Capital Budget Expenses & Collection System Facilities Plan Update
D02   Plant Asset Management
D04   LBMC Phosphorus Compliance