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  1) Home
  2) Reclaimed & Renewable Materials
  3) Efficient Lighting 
  4) Recovered Heat Energy 
  5) Worker-Oriented Design  
  6) Renewable Heating & Cooling
  7) Stormwater Management
  8) Non-Potable Water Use


In 2016 the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) unveiled its new Maintenance Facility with a Platinum-level LEED certification. It is the first building on campus to be LEED-certified.

There’s a vast amount of infrastructure involved in the treatment process, like pipes, manholes, wells, valves, pumps, engines, blowers, tanks, and more, that need to be maintained for the treatment plant to continue doing its job to clean water. Our large campus at Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant also requires upkeep. It is therefore not surprising that the largest department at MMSD is our Operations and Maintenance department, which makes up about half of MMSD’s staff.

This building was constructed in 2015 to provide more space and better working conditions for workers in our Operations and Maintenance department. A priority for this building was incorporating green and sustainable features. This website will take you through a virtual tour highlighting some of the LEED features which earned the building a Platinum-level certification.

You can download our official scorecard here.