April 04, 2019
A pipe repair is scheduled for April 5, 2019 near Waite Circle on the southwest side of City of Madison.


On Wednesday, April 3rd, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District crews discovered a broken sanitary sewer pipe near Waite Circle on the southwest side of the City of Madison. The existing 12-inch diameter sewer is very shallow in this area and surface erosion caused displacement of several large rocks that crushed the top of the pipe.  No sanitary sewer overflows have occurred as a result of this and the pipe continues to convey flow.  However, the broken pipe must be fixed to prevent surface water from entering the pipe and to prevent further damage. The district has retained Capitol Underground to complete the repairs. Work is scheduled to begin on Friday, April 5th, and is estimated to take 1-2 days to complete. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Bruce Borelli of Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District at (608) 222-1201, ext. 206 or Jen Hurlebaus of Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (608) 222-1201, ext. 248.