Site Placement
The Maintenance Facility was designed to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. The south-facing side features broad windows down the hallway to capture the sunlight and save on heating and lighting energy.



Solar Tubes           
The building features 30 special skylights called a tubular skylight or solar tube. Each solar tube is  designed to concentrate and beam natural light into the building. Supplemental LED lighting is used throughout the building; in many places it is controlled by a daylight sensor which cuts the lights off when the natural light levels are sufficient.       





Solar Panels
Solar panels on the roof provide about 10-15 percent of this building’s energy needs. They can generate 20 kiloWatts of power, which works out to a 26,000 kiloWatt hours savings per year, or $2600 in current utility costs. It is expected that the cost of the solar panels will be made up in energy savings over about 20 years. This building’s roof is white and reflective, which reflects light and prevents the building from getting too hot and requiring more cooling energy in the summer.