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Quick Facts
  • Pumping Station 15 was placed into service in 1974 and is a dry‐well station with separate pump room and wet well.

  • PS 15 contains three horizontal constant speed pumps ranging in size from 100 HP to 200 HP. The new pumps will be variable speed, which are more energy efficient.

  • Wastewater flow from PS 15 can be pumped to either Pumping Station 8 or PS 16. This feature was added for system redundancy. 
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Pumping Station 15 Rehabilitation

Each day Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) collects and treats approximately 41 million gallons of wastewater from 40 municipal customers in the greater Madison area. MMSD owns and operates 96 miles of gravity sewer and 18 regional pumping stations for collection and conveyance of this wastewater. The wastewater is conveyed to the Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment plant, located south of the Beltline near South Towne Drive, through five large pumping stations. 

MMSD Pumping Station 15 (PS 15) is a regional pumping station located at 2115 Allen Boulevard about ¼ mile north of University Avenue in the city of Madison.  It is located in Marshall Park which is part of the city of Madison parks system and was placed into service in 1974. Due to its age and anticipated land development in the PS 15 service area, MMSD determined that it required major rehabilitation and additional pumping capacity to convey the anticipated peak flows to the treatment plant.  

The PS 15 Service Area covers a general geographic area north of University Avenue in the city of Middleton. In 2000, the pumping station served approximately 3,463 acres in the city of Middleton and part of the town of Westport. An additional 2,727 acres may potentially be added to the PS 15 service area by 2030. Also, an additional 919 acres may potentially be added by 2060.  

The pump station conveys an average of 1.32 million gallons of wastewater per day and has the capacity to pump 8.8 million gallons per day (mgd).  The firm capacity of the pump station, which is the volume of wastewater the station can pump with its largest pump out of service, is 5.8 mgd. It is estimated that in the year 2045, PS 15 will see an average daily flow of 2.42 mgd and require a firm capacity of 8.4 mgd.  

The need to replace the 40-plus year old pumps and prepare for future capacity led the district to engage with local leaders, community members and other stakeholders to get feedback on how the construction project could also address other needs at the site. The location, between the city of Madison’s Marshall Park boat ramp and the heavily used city of Middleton bike path along Allen Boulevard, prompted the decision to add public restrooms, two aquatic invasive species boat wash hydrants and a bike repair station. Special design features of the site include permeable pavers, carefully sloped asphalt in the parking lot to direct storm runoff away from the lake and a bio-retention pond to catch water used at the boat washing station.