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Quick Facts

  • Pumping Station 18 will ultimately be able to pump 66 MGD of flow to the treatment plant. That would be like pumping 45,000 gallon-sized milk jugs every minute.

  • The pumps at PS18 will be as big as 450 HP. Your average riding lawnmower has about 20 HP.

  • In the case of a power failure, PS18 will have a 1 MW on-site generator capable of keeping the station running. That same generator would be able to supply about 1,000 homes with electricity.

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Pumping Station 18

Each day Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) collects and treats approximately 41 million gallons of wastewater from 40 municipal customers in the greater Madison area. MMSD owns and operates 96 miles of gravity sewer and 17 regional pumping stations for collection and conveyance of this wastewater. The wastewater is conveyed to the treatment plant, located south of the Beltline near South Towne Drive, through four large pumping stations. One of these stations, Pumping Station No. 7 (PS 7), located at the intersection of Bridge Road and the Yahara River in the City of Monona, conveys 16 million gallons of wastewater to the treatment plant each day, or nearly 40% of the total flow.

Due to anticipated land development in the PS 7 service area, MMSD has determined that additional pumping capacity is required in this area to convey the anticipated peak flows to the treatment plant. Providing additional pumping capacity at PS 7 is not feasible due to space constraints at the site. Furthermore, due to the large volume of flow that passes through PS 7 each day, MMSD has identified a need for additional pumping facilities in the PS 7 service area to increase system reliability.

MMSD is constructing a new Pumping Station No. 18 (PS 18) in the PS 7 service area to provide the required capacity for future development and also to provide system redundancy. The PS 18 site is located at 1000 East Broadway in the City of Monona, just south of the new UW Health Yahara Family Medical Clinic. PS 18 will have a peak pumping capacity similar to that of PS 7 and will be designed such that additional capacity can be readily provided to meet future flow demands.

It is anticipated that PS 7 and PS 18 will each convey approximately one-half of the flow that currently drains to PS 7. PS 18 will also be connected to PS 7 such that PS 18 will be able to convey flows that normally drain to PS 7 in the event that PS 7 becomes temporarily disabled. This interconnection between the two stations is a primary benefit of the improvements and will provide a higher level of service to MMSD’s customers in the PS 7 service area

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