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Q: What is an Interceptor?
The diagram below represents the general differences between laterals, local sanitary sewers, and interceptors.  Laterals directly carry wastewater from residences and businesses to local sanitary sewers.  Local sanitary sewers are typically owned and maintained by the municipality in which they are located.  From the local sewers, the flow continues on into interceptor sewers.  Interceptor sewers typically carry flow from multiple municipalities and are owned and maintained by MMSD.

Q: What is a Forcemain?
A forcemain is a pipe that carries sanitary flow under pressure.  It is the sewer that is connected to the discharge end of a pumping station.  Unlike interceptors, forcemains are not required to be installed with proper slope since they do not rely on gravity to function.  In combination, forcemains and pumping stations are able to convey wastewater over long distances and varying terrain.


Q: What is a Pumping Station?
A pump station, or lift station, is used to move waste to higher elevations. The pump station constructed as part of this project will be one of five major pump stations that conveys water directly to MMSD’s treatment plant. The pump station will look similar to the photo below.

Q: Will Construction Impact Traffic?
Construction activities will impact local roads. Temporary road closures will be necessary at some periods during construction. MMSD will work closely with local property owners and businesses to minimize community impacts. Future newsletters will provide more information on traffic impacts.

Q: Will Property Easements be needed?
MMSD anticipates the majority of the improvements to the Northeast Interceptor sanitary sewer will take place within public right of way. In a few areas, easements may be needed. MMSD staff will contact potentially impacted property owners.

Q: WIll Public Meetings be Held?
A:  Yes, public meetings will be scheduled with affected residents and businesses as requested or needed. It is anticipated that these meetings will take place closer to the start of construction

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